We Are The Intercoastal Foundation.

The Intercoastal Foundation was formed to bring greater capability to the scientific community through targeted research capture, education, and exploration.

Many of today's leading researchers are unable to explore challenging environmental conditions such as deep-water exploration, high altitude elevation climbs, and high-risk political locations. Through the Intracoastal Foundation those challenges can be overcome. Our members comprise ex-military operators, pilots, scientific divers, licensed fossil hunters, scientists, and industry leaders capable of bridging the gap. We target the areas of greatest need in research. The Intercoastal Foundation is a leading resource for scientific communities across the globe.

Education and Outreach

Educate students on how to conduct scientific research and fund scholarships for students in STEM/trade studies as well as higher-level archaeological and historical studies

Artifact Recovery

Artifact recovery through exploration and discovery, then a notification to proper authorities to preserve and understand past civilizations

Research Capture

Target and capture In-demand specific data needed for research within the scientific community

Research Abroad Expeditions