About Us

The Intercoastal Foundation was formed to bring greater capability to the scientific community through targeted research capture, education, and exploration.

Many of today's leading researchers lack certain technical skills to explore environmental conditions such as deep-water exploration, high altitude elevation climbs, and high-risk political locations. However, the Foundation members comprise ex-military operators, pilots, scientific divers, licensed fossil hunters, scientists, and industry leaders capable of filling the gap. By targeting areas of greatest need in research, the Intercoastal Foundation is a resource for scientific communities across the globe.

The Intercoastal Foundation's mission is to conduct the following:
• Educate students on how to conduct scientific research capture and fund scholarships for students in STEM/trade studies as well as higher-level archaeological and historical studies.
• Target and capture In-demand specific data needed for research within the scientific community
• Artifact recovery through exploration and discovery, then a notification to proper authorities to preserve and understand past civilizations
• For fossil discovery and preservation, foundation team members hold fossil hunting licenses with the University of Florida and work to recover fossils that may be used to understand previous marine life.

The Foundation aims to become fully financially independent and self-sufficed within 10 years in order to carry on its research mission without relying on constant fundraising. The Foundation seeks donations that could be used directly on its research operations, such as:
o Scuba diving gear
o Watercraft
o Trucks
o U.S military surplus equipment and
o High-level electronics for research capability purposes.

All donations receive a full tax deduction, and all contributions over $5,000 in value will require an industry assessment of the item's actual value. If interested to know more or would like to volunteer or donate to the mission contact us.